Cube Jam – Workshop One

Workshop one – Discovery – is all about the leaders. By bringing together some of Australia’s elite practitioners we hope to discover new ideas and pathways to thinking about what success might look like on The Cube and similar new technologies.

The day long jam featured a very select group of designers: Morgan Jaffit (Defiant Development), Christy Dena (Universe Creation 101 and SAE QANTM), Gordon Moyes (Curious Bear and Griffith QCA Game Design), Ben Hartley (Griffith QCA Game Design), Matt Ditton (Many Monkeys), Tom ‘kitten’ Killen (Many Monkeys), Zac Fitz-Walter (Games Research & Interaction Design Lab (GRID)) and Jimmy Ti (Mobile Innovation Lab and Urban Informatics).


.. and the jam was fabulous – our documentary maker par extraordinaire, Iain Anderson (funwithstuff) is busy making up a documentary video but meanwhile enjoy some images and consider joining us for Cube Jam Two – the second jam is once again a design jam (or ideation slam :)) but this time we invite emerging designers to come along in order to explore the possibilities of new high tech screen spaces ..

more info on workshop two here

quick pics from workshop one and our tumblr site

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