Stories into Games

The Drawing Stories into Games workshops are inspired by the gorgeous game made by Charlie and Harry (and their dad!) during the 2012 48hr game making challenge.

Play their game here: transform’d by team Coloursplodge

The workshops run once a month during the SLQ Garage Gamer exhibition. They are aimed at ages 6-12 and they are all about kids making imaginative, creative story based games. The basic idea is to collect drawings and stories and with the help of our resident game maker, turn them into a playable adventure.

Here is the wall of drawings from the first two workshops:

Stories into Games - the design wall

Stories into Games – the design wall

And the actual drawings made on the day (scanned and unedited). Thanks to our artists:

Turning the stories into a simple adventure game – made by kids!

During the second workshop, our resident game maker brought along a simple template made in Unity. This basically allowed us to drop in backgrounds and add characters and assets (objects in the game world) and then the workshop participants told what they wanted to happen. You can play the very first draft of the game in progress here (You will need to instal the Unity Web Player):

Drawing Stories – working version

Adventure: In progress - the first start screen

Adventure: In progress – the first start screen

At the moment there is only one finished location. You can click on objects for information, pick them up and use them on other objects.

The current game is based on a story written by Cuyler – the Dragon Mountain Cave Story


What will happen next?

Next Stories into Games Workshop (March 2nd) we are going to need your help to DESIGN the rest of the adventure. What happens next? How will the adventure end?  Come and join us! Free – check out the SLQ Garage Gamer Website and program