GO423 Workshop: Video games and theatre: The Revengance

We loved him last year when he came over from Berlin to explore making games with theatre, Coca Cola and Mentos! Friedrich Kirschner is back again to host a workshop at #GO423. We present: Video games and theatre: The Revengance

Friedrich is extraordinary – he works between games and theatre, he asks questions like: Shall we play Lemmings in the park using people? He can scan you into VR using a bathtub and a bit of ink. Last year Friedrich explored game design with Coca Cola and Mentos, this year we have him back to enact: Video Games and Theatre: The Revengance. This workshop invites you to come and explore game making on and off the screen with one of Europe’s most extraordinary theatre – games practitioners.

GO423 Sunday 10.00 – 12.00pm

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