What if the chicken crossed the road?

The 2015 GO423 program is under construction but meet two very special speakers who are coming up from Melbourne to do a Studio Talk on Saturday Aug 8 at GO423, featuring our host with the most, John Passfield.


Matt Hall is half of Hipster Whale and runs a one-man-band studio in regional Victoria called KlickTock and has four App Store #1 games: Doodle Find, Little Things, Little Things Forever and Crossy Road.Andy Sum is half of Hipster Whale and runs a Melbourne based studio called Jigxor, where he created the PC title Dungeon Dashers. He also regularly participates in game jams, creating experimental games such as GAME OF THE YEAR: 420BLAZEIT.

Check out the in-progress program here: https://igdabrisbane.org/go423/2015-go423-symposium/go423-what-if-program/

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