GO423 2018 grand finale: Emerging Games

GO423 grand finale: For the love of making games …. Emerging Games

Turbine Platform
From 6.00pm – 7.00pm

John Passfield and Dan Vogt present: Evolving Games – a panel compered by Lee May (Defiant Development) featuring Raven Stark (Disparity Games), Resa Liputra (Kiseki Games), Deb Polson (QUT School of Design), Nathan Corporal (QUT HUB) and Cheryl Vance (Prideful Sloth).

John and Dan – veterans in the games industry themselves – have gathered a panel of local game makers with experience in mobile games, console games, VR works and commercial and applied game dev spaces. They all have some interesting stories to tell about their personal journeys and will be discussing some of the changes they have seen in the game industry and the games we make as well as reflecting on where game development may be heading int the future.

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