GO423 2018 – who’s in the exhibition?

We have a wonderful selection of locally made games on show in the GO423 exhibition at the Brisbane Powerhouse – actually only a sample of the range of games made here in Queensland – we just didn’t have room for any more this time around. All of these games are being shown by the studios and the actual folks who made them so do come along and chat with QLD’s fabulous game making community.

A quick list for everyone

Studio Game
Wren & Tim Unpacking
Montrose.is Bride
Jammed Up Studios Think of the Children
Enderlost Studios Aspie Life
Screwtape Studios Damsel
Affable Games Speaking Simulator
Blacklight Interactive Golf with you friends
Defiant Development HOF2
Bilbie Labs Virtual Maiwar
Geekabyte Games Kasplat
Lamington Games Super Drop Land
Refuel Games Rally Fury – Extreme Racing
Subtle Boom Fledgling Heroes
Spunge Studios Faily Suite
Juicy Beetle Games Slidey Feet
Simon Hales Fruit Salad
Artefact Assembly Lanterns
Rosewood Interactive SMAC
Joseph Kung Monster House
Rule & Make HOF: Ordeals
Humble Sage CastVR
Martin Wallace TBA