GO423 2021- Call for games



Due to circumstances (and hopefully a better option) AND of course subject to the sudden shifts of these days, we have had to postpone the festival. At the moment we are hoping for a spring date and have booked Saturday November 13 at the Brisbane Powerhouse

Fingers crossed – meanwhile stay safe everyone and keep making those games!

Call for EOI* – As usual, we hope to display a range of games made locally in the GO423 exhibition at the Brisbane Powerhouse. Do you have a game to show off?

We love to see:

Completed games – published and already out there
Works in progress – ready to play test or pre-release
Play experiments – something you have made that explores the possibilities of the medium

And all things in between! Digital and Analog formats are welcome.


This EOI will now stay open until at least September!

*Please note:. The GO423 Exhibition is a BYO equipment event. This is an expression of interest only, space is limited and these are precarious times. Please give us enough information so we can consider your game and ensure a valid contact email in case we need to get in touch.

Emerging Developer Room @ #GO423

Are you an emerging developer, game design student, or solo dev who would love to chat with an industry mentor?* Are you in need of headshots for your work, but unable to afford it?* Do you have a portfolio or resume, but you have no idea whether it would get you work in the industry?

Are you an emerging developer, game design student, or solo dev who would love to chat with an industry mentor?* Are you in need of headshots for your work, but unable to afford it?* Do you have a portfolio or resume, but you have no idea whether it would get you work in the industry?

Come along to the Emerging Developer Room to meet some of our local experienced game developers, receive answers to your questions, and grab a headshot for your social media and future speaking engagements all in one place!

Mentor session 1: 11am – 1pm
Mentor session 2: 3pm – 5pm
Headshots available: 1pm – 5pm

What to bring:* Your resume, CV, portfolio, game design documents, or anything you’d like to chat with these mentors about.* Your pre-prepared questions, so you can make sure you’re getting exactly the information you’re looking for.
No registration required!

Hosted by Queerly Represent Me

GO423 grand finale: Loot Crate Debate

Join our local industry veterans John Passfield and Dan Vogt as they host a panel of local developers and a “Lucky Dip Debate’ which invites the panelists to take turns drawing a topic from the loot crate and gives them 2 minutes to argue about it in a quick-fire debate session!

5.00 – 6.00pm on the Turbine Platform at #GO423

Feat. guest panelists:

Raven Stark, Jeff Van Dyck, Mel Taylor, Lee May, Wren Brier and Jack Crinji
… And of course, your hosts Dan and John!

GO423 2019 Celebrating Damsel: Cause Distress!

A very special invite. Damsel will be on show in the #GO423 exhibition and will be celebrated super warmly as our special networking event heroine at the end of the day!

Damsel was always going to be a change for Screwtape Studios as our development prior had been on Mobile Games. We as developers always aspired to create something bigger.The game began production almost 5 years ago and we wouldn’t be here today without the hard work and support of so many people. From the talented people who came on board our small team to help bring Damsel to life, to the Brisbane Game Dev community, that has always been a massive source of support and inspiration, to Screen Queensland who funded the final development period. Damsel started in a hotel room at Melbourne Games week 5 years ago with only 2 people and is now finally released on Xbox One and Switch. When we began, we didn’t know what a wild ride it would be, from learning how to put a team together, to finding new ways to fund the game, not all of which worked out smoothly. We found our way however and couldn’t be happier to celebrate with the Brisbane Game Dev community the release of Damsel on console at GO423. So please join us for a drink and a celebration of hard work and community!

Tabletop at #GO423 2019

GO423 tabletop Update: August 10 chez The Brisbane Powerhouse

In keeping with our tradition of showcasing the full range of game making in Brisbane, we are super proud to be hosting some tabletop / analog games in the exhibition and to feature a game demo and workshop by our own Martin Wallace!

Martin Wallace is a professional board game designer with over twenty five years experience in the industry. He has over eighty games to his name and has won multiple awards. His best known designs are Brass, Discworld Ankh Morpork and Steam.

Come and enjoy an extraordinary opportunity to see a play test of one of Martin’s tabletop / cross over games. Martin will be demo-ing a WIP demo of a title that has unique connection to some of Brisbane’s game dev history in the morning – look for this in the Mosquito Foyer from 10.00am

We also have the extraordinary Halfmonster Games who will be presenting their wonderful One Shot Western during the day in the main foyer

Physical Digital are bringing The Prisoner’s Dilemma for your pleasure …

… and we have a Board Game Design workshop with Martin Wallace in the afternoon from 2.00pm – 4.00pm. Registration for this via the Brisbane Powerhouse GO423 page

DnD for all!

May 23rd 4.00-6.00pm
Venue: QUT Gardens Point Campus

Join us for a very special D&D event – perfect for those of you who haven’t played before and a delight for those of you who know the game and who want to experience Matt’s high energy play test of his introductory system – bring friends and family!

Presented by: brIGDA, GO423, QUT GDC and featuring special guest presenter: Matt Ford

Veteran game designer Matthew Ford (Atari, Microsoft, Xbox, Auran, indie) has played and taught Dungeons & Dragons since its first edition in 1977. He aspires to introduce everyone in the world to this fantastic hobby that brings people together around a table to make stories together. Come help Matt wag his duties as the founder of a local security software startup and learn how to play! Even if you know how to play, you will enjoy Matt’s unique high-energy way to give a lecture hall full of newbies a taste of role-playing. If you like his style, Matt runs a regular table session for absolute beginners– good play and good insight into the craft of friendly Dungeon Mastering.

Eventbrite registration here: space are limited

GO423 2018 – who’s in the exhibition?

We have a wonderful selection of locally made games on show in the GO423 exhibition at the Brisbane Powerhouse – actually only a sample of the range of games made here in Queensland – we just didn’t have room for any more this time around. All of these games are being shown by the studios and the actual folks who made them so do come along and chat with QLD’s fabulous game making community.

A quick list for everyone

Studio Game
Wren & Tim Unpacking
Montrose.is Bride
Jammed Up Studios Think of the Children
Enderlost Studios Aspie Life
Screwtape Studios Damsel
Affable Games Speaking Simulator
Blacklight Interactive Golf with you friends
Defiant Development HOF2
Bilbie Labs Virtual Maiwar
Geekabyte Games Kasplat
Lamington Games Super Drop Land
Refuel Games Rally Fury – Extreme Racing
Subtle Boom Fledgling Heroes
Spunge Studios Faily Suite
Juicy Beetle Games Slidey Feet
Simon Hales Fruit Salad
Artefact Assembly Lanterns
Rosewood Interactive SMAC
Joseph Kung Monster House
Rule & Make HOF: Ordeals
Humble Sage CastVR
Martin Wallace TBA

GO423 2018 grand finale: Emerging Games

GO423 grand finale: For the love of making games …. Emerging Games

Turbine Platform
From 6.00pm – 7.00pm

John Passfield and Dan Vogt present: Evolving Games – a panel compered by Lee May (Defiant Development) featuring Raven Stark (Disparity Games), Resa Liputra (Kiseki Games), Deb Polson (QUT School of Design), Nathan Corporal (QUT HUB) and Cheryl Vance (Prideful Sloth).

John and Dan – veterans in the games industry themselves – have gathered a panel of local game makers with experience in mobile games, console games, VR works and commercial and applied game dev spaces. They all have some interesting stories to tell about their personal journeys and will be discussing some of the changes they have seen in the game industry and the games we make as well as reflecting on where game development may be heading int the future.

Watch this space for more details and do the liking of our Facebook page for updates.